Collection 1

Midwest Frontier Stories

A Treasury of first hand, Fact Filled stories in original wording by Midwest Frontier Pioneers during the period of 1815-1845: (Primarily area of SE Iowa and NE Missouri))  These stories can bring HISTORY TO LIFE.
Complete with index, glossary and footnotes to assist in understanding)  


MFS Collection 1

Library of Congress Number: 2017916914
172 Pages                       ISBN: 9780999494509

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Stories about Frontier Life:

  • How things were built and how they lived in the 1830’s
  • Surprise help from “Blessed Mice”
  • A description of one pioneer cow
  • Difficulties of getting married in the wilderness
  • Near Starvation
  • BBQ saves the day
  • The Ratlan and Points Clan feud
  • Choice Red Eye whisky as a defense
  • Governor Lucas fights for education
  • Traveling from Keokuk to Des Moines Iowa in 1860 and 1870
  • Early homes of Keokuk and travel problems
  • Typical Iowa Cabin & Free Mail Delivery in 1830’s
  • Description of a spring freshet
  • Pet bear cubs
  • Buffalo in 1820
  • Governor Lowe sends Frontier Guards to Spirit Lake.

Stories about Frontier Indians:

  • Life amoung Black Hawk and his family.
  • The Life and Death of Chief Black Hawk.
  • About Pashapaho, Black Hawk, and Ioway Indians
  • How the Indians counted – Pioneer Fare
  • Pashapaho’s account of the Sauk and Fox slaughter of Ioway Indians.
  • The Spirit Lake Massacre of 1857.
  • Some Indian Names and Words

Stories about early Frontiersmen:

James Alfrey, Abasalom Anderson, William Avery, Isaac Bird, James Blankenship, Thomas Blankenship, David A. Ely, William Fallis, Abel Galland, Charles Gaston, Peter Gillis, A. W. Harlan, James Jenkins, Richard M. Jones, James Jordan, William Jordan, Isham Keith, Edward L. Longwell, William Meek, William Nelson, Mr. Nowell, Mr. Patchett, Joseph Perkins, Elijah Purdom Sr, Samuel C Reed, Isaac Reid, Shapley P. Ross, Meashack Sigler, Giles O. Sullivan, Winnena Sullivan, Captain James White, David Willcock, Abiatha B. Williams and others.

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