Midwest Frontier Stories – Quiz 1

Midwest Frontier Stories - Quiz 1

A fun quiz on the Midwest Frontier gathered from Midwest Frontier Stories Collection 1!
How did the early Midwest frontiersmen preserve their pork?
Where did they keep their preserved pork?
What is a Lindsey Wammus?
Where was the original Fort Des Moines Built?
What did Louis Musick and Doc Carr do in 1815-16?
What was the main source of power in 1830 on the frontier?
What provided food that saved a starving party of explorers near what is now Fort Madison, IA in 1831?
What did a quart of Whiskey cost in 1836?
Why did Skin-e-way's wear a skunk tail on their leggins?
Where did Black Hawk get his military training?
Midwest Frontier Stories - Quiz 1
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