You will find that the language of the early 1800’s is somewhat different than today.  These are a few of the words that I have found and what they meant then.

&c. etc.
Abate Subside, retreat, decline
about approximately, or in the near vacinity of, or ready to
acceed absolute form of accede (to agree)
Acclivity An upward slope
accosted approach and address boldly
ad nauseam disgust that has continued so long – to the point of nausea
adamic pertaining to Adam (Language in garden of eden)
Adonis God of Beauty and desire
agone archaic form of ago
akimbo with hands on the hips and elbows turned outward.
alcalde Magistrate or Mayor in Spanish
Alderney Extinct breed of cow from British Island
Amount Surrounded by, or equivalent (reach in kind)
anon soon or shortly
assuaged to soothe, calm, or mollify:
atone make amends or reparation
bach A small modest home (bachelor’s crib)
bane Cause of great distress
batch Living as a bachelor
Beau Brumell arbiter of men’s fashion
blarneying Using charm and pleasant flattery to persuade
bombast High-sounding language- little meaning to impress people
caboose a kitchen on the deck of a ship; galley.
cache hiding place for stores
Campbellites Follower of Thomas Campbell – Disciples of Christ claim origin from them.
Carmine Deep-Red Pigment from the cochineal scale
catamount cat of the mountain.
chicanery Deception by sophisticated trickery
chide Scold or rebuke
Clamor Loud Confused shouting of people
compelled Force or oblige (someone) to do something
compunctions Feeling of guilt that follows doing something bad
corpulency overweight
deadly Upas, Posion sap used on posion arrows
demeanor Outward behavior or actions
deputed appoint or instruct to perform task
desultory lacking a plan, casual, superficial
disconsolate cheerless, unhappy
Doggery A cheap Saloon
éclat brilliant display or effect
Eddy circular movement of water, causing whirlpool
edifying providing moral or intellectual instruction
embark begin a course of action
empanelled enrolled onto a jury
enemy movements.
Enjoined Urged or instructed to do
epithets Descriptive phrase of personal characteristics
equivocated use ambigous language to conceal the truth
espoused To support a cause
exultation triumphant yell of joy
fin de siecle end of century
fisticuffs Fighting with the fists
flitters Bread cooked similar to pancakes
foray raid or sudden attack
Fourpence British Coin worth 1/60th of a pound sterling
Freshet spring thaw
furore outbreak of public anger or excitement
glee great pleasure or satisfaction
Gullied eroded ravine in soil
hasten to speed up
held sway have a controlling interest
impetuous quickly without thought or care
incontrovertible Not able to be denied or disputed
inculated Impress upon or teach by frequent instruction
Inkpaduta Ink-pa-du-ta (sub-chief to Blackhawk)
intimation indication or hint
introducted past tense of introduce
inveterate long established habbit
jorums large jug or bowl for serving liquor
Larrup To beat or thrash
Lawing Exercising the practice of law
leggins buckskin leg coverings
Linn Wood from a linden or basswood tree
linsey wammus Hunting Shirt of coarse woven fabric
lope long bounding stride
Lugubrious very sad especially in an exaggerated or insincere way
magnanimous very generous or forgiving toward a rival
Malice Prepence Premeditated and deliberate criminal act
meandered wader at random – like river
melee a confused fight, skirmish, or scuffle
Milch Middle English for Milk
muss in a state of disorder
Nimrod Mighty Hunter
pampas plain – fertile lowlands
panoply splendid display
pantaloon man’s close-fitting garment for the hips and legs,
pell mell in a confused, rushed or disorderly manner
perambulating walk or travel through an area
perfidious deceitful and untrustworthy
phiz A persons face or expression
physiognomy Facial features
pickets soldiers performing a specific function
Pirouke or Pea Rogue  trading boat
proclivity inclination or tendency to do something regularly
pugilistical Related to Fist Fighting
puncheon Split log with one face smoothed
punctiliously meticulous, strictly attentive to minute details
quandom former
reconnoitering  make a military observation
recreancy shameful cowardice
remonstrances a forcefull reproachful protest
riffle shallow stream with rapid current, surface broken by rocks
rigmarole Lengthy and complicated procedure
rout disorderly retreat of defeated troups
sallied a military sortie – sudden rush
salute A formal gesture made
skullduggery Underhanded or unscrupulous behavior
slough stagnant wetland, swamp, or shallow lake
Sock-dolger a forceful blow
spreeing random acts of fun and sport, no direction
succor give assistance or aid
Suttlers civilian merchant who sells provisions to an army
temerity Excessive confidence or boldness, audacity
titbit small piece of tasty food
Tow coarse, broken fibre, removed during processing flax
trans-mognified transform in surprising or magical manner
vedettes mounted sentry beyond outposts to observe enemy movements.
Verdue Green growth health and vigor
viz namely; in other words
wammus warm jacket
Waumas Heavy Wool Shirt
whit a very small part or amount
wick-a-up shelter made of sticks and bark
Wight Unfortunate living human being
withal in addition
Withes tough flexible branch of willow to bind or wrap
wont in the habit of doing something
wooer seek the favor, affection
wroth intensely angry
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