I became interested in sharing these newspaper articles and stories, when I found descriptions of some of my ancestors.  They have been lost to time in local libraries throughout the USA.  Some have been scanned and converted to text with OCR, but few are accurate and readable.  My quest is to find these lost articles and publish them for everyone to learn from.  I have found that most of my assumptions about the prior generations has been false.

Where else can you find the pioneers and early frontier settlers telling you about their lives and how they lived?

Where else can you find physical descriptions, including height, weight, hair and eye color and character descriptions of early settlers and ancestors for genealogical research?

  • They DID live just as long of life as us, unless they were killed by the environment or Indians.
  • They were just as tall as current generations.
  • They were just as big and heavy as current generations.
  • Law and order was “self maintained” and dictated by their own society, not government rules!
  • Since history is written by the “Victor”, quite often you find out the TRUTH, or at least another view in these articles!
  • They appeared to not be concerned about slander, using names and negative comments at will.

If each generation produced 8 children, in 200 years, that is 2,500,000 descendants and with 1024 ancestors from 200 years ago, that creates a large number of ancestors of an individual.  IF one of them died before your ancestor was born, you would not exist.  It is amazing how few of us know who are ancestor’s were back then.

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Sincerely, Ed Scharff
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