Midwest Frontier Stories

Collection 1 -Story 1 – “Construction Techniques of the 1830’s”

Enjoy learning about the 1830’s frontier!

Simple descriptions of:

  • building log houses
  • Wooden pegs
  • hauling methods
  • transportation
  • roads?
  • Oxen and yokes
  • schools and benches
  • wagon construction
  • threshing grain
  • Clothes and food
  • Note: How Happy the were!
  • New words: withes, tongue, sock-dolger, gullied, lindsey, pantaloons, tow

Enjoy some Audio Readings!

4 thoughts on “Midwest Frontier Stories”

  1. This was interesting and well done. I liked the folksy dialogue, especially the line about the colt on the sunny side of a hay bale. I feel sure our ancestors talked very much like that. It rings true. This is a fun way to learn about history and cultures.

  2. It is amazing how our ancestors survived compared to how we have it now. That must of been a very rough bunch! Very good video!

    1. Thank YOU! As I see it, they lived in total wilderness with deadly wildlife, there were no roads or bridges and their only gun was a single shot flintlock! They had to produce what they needed, very limited supplies from Pennsylvania and Kentucky to St. Louis and canoe to the frontier of NE Missouri and SE Iowa.

    2. This is outstanding and very interesting. I enjoyed learning on how the Frontier survived they were very tough now days we wouldn’t be able to survive the way they did for sure.

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