Collection 3

Midwest Frontier Stories

A Treasury of first hand stories in original wording by the Frontier Pioneers during the period of 1815-1845: (Primarily area of SE Iowa and NE Missouri) 
These stories can bring HISTORY TO LIFE, giving interesting and fun revelations.
Complete with index, glossary and footnotes to assist in understanding)   


MFS Collection 3

Library of Congress Number: 2017916914
212 Pages                        ISBN: 9780999494523

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More Personal Short Stories Including:

Squatters and Speculators at the first land sales
Old Times Hereabouts– by Capt. Griffith
Recollections of Thirty-four Years ago– Hawkins Taylor
On the Wing– a Lynching in Chariton
The “Tall Cedar” in close quarters
A Letter from an Old Settler by Moses Hinkle
Pioneer Courts- Hon. Alfred Rich
Capt. William Hillhouse
Western Towns-Keokuk
Items of History– the Murder of Nathaniel Knapp
An Old Settler’s Record by Hugh R. Withrow
Pen Pictures of the Old Settlers of Van Buren County
J.C. Parrot’s Address
Address of Judge C.F. Davis
CA Gold Trip- Abiatha B. Williams
Dr Cresap
A Stirring Recollection– Black Hawk Council
Lee County Gazette–Notes
PASH-A-BA-HO by Mrs Mitchell
Indian History– Black Hawk, Jordan…
The Early Settlement of Lee County by Gen. Parrott
Pioneer Incidents by J.F. Daugherty
Pioneer Times by Granville W. Pittman
Keokuk’s Letter to the Govenor
The Farewell of Chief Keokuk
A Weird Historical Scrap-Mormon Contract
An Old Settler’s Reminiscences
Hon. T.S. Parvin “on Keokuk”
Keokuk’s Final Speech of 1838
Northern Van Buren County

With Glossary and Index to help with understanding!

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