Discover the Midwest Frontier by reading something Different!

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Discover “Life on the Frontier”, “Native Americans” – including Black Hawk and “Other Frontiersmen” by reading short story documentation written by the Frontiersmen themselves!

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Collection 2         $14.95 (19.95-5.00) + $2.95 s&h
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Midwest Frontier Stories 1

Midwest Frontier Stories 2

Midwest Frontier Stories

These are not your typical history books, but collections of FIRST HAND Short Stories that are packed with information about Life on the Frontier, Native Americans,  and Other Settlers written by those who LIVED IT.   This Treasury of information written by Midwest Frontiersmen covers the period of 1795-1845: (Primarily area of SE Iowa and NE Missouri)  Complete with index, glossary and footnotes to assist in understanding   Genealogical data on many. Some stayed, some moved back East to civilization and others moved on to California, Utah, Michigan, Texas, etc.

Stories like these inspired Louis L’Amour and others to write their famous books!


 by Carole Christner on Midwest Frontier Stories
Books 1 and 2

These books are a treasure trove of information, they are a joy to read. I recommend... view more

”I have read the books 3 times – every time I learn more.”  Carole- Buckskinner
“My books are filled with Post-It-Notes, I learned a lot”  Bruce – DNR Naturalist
“Thanks for… Surprised to find several went to California and founded towns!”  Gene Howe
“Extremely nice books & collection of information”  John – Historian
“I want another set of books. My Dad enjoyed them so much, I gave him ours!” Jeanine- Nurse
“No where else can I find such information, Direct from the source!” Ann – author

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